Private Classes and Regular Workshops • Mafalda Butterflies

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Private Classes


If you can’t make it to regular classes, or you decide to integrate them later in the year (regular classes always start in September), or if you just want to progress faster, you also have the possibility of doing some private classes. Prices and schedule are to discuss directly with Mafalda or Alphonse, but take in consideration that there is a discount if you’re a regular student or if you want to purchase several hours.

For private classes on a festival you should also contact Mafalda first, but then, depending on the festival, you might need to discuss it further with the event’s organizer.

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Regular Workshops


Throughout the course of the school year several workshops will be administered. These are not a part of the regular program and Mafalda organizes them herself, not the dance school, so if this interests you, you should contact Mafalda once the date of the workshop is set. The dates may vary very much unfortunately, that is due to the limited availability of the teachers that travel a lot for festivals. The prices may vary too, depending on how many hours are administered on a certain workshop. Check out the upcoming dates on the events calendar page.

In the beginning of the school year due to the amount of students that keep arriving in every class in September and October, there is usually at least one beginners’ intensive workshop. You will also get the chance to take a “Tarraxinha” workshop, “Semba” workshop and “Ladies’ styling” workshop, to name a few. If there’s a particular workshop you would love to have administered don’t hesitate to contact Mafalda and let her know.